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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

OOC: Oh okay. I'll keep that in mind! ;)

IC: The fire quickly consumed the missiles that flew at Togekiss, but she just kept speeding towards Ferroseed. The flames crawled all over Ferroseed, and I could see that its roots retracted quickly into its body. Ferroseed immediately fell over- it was low on health. And right on time, the red and white Park Ball opened up, and consumed Ferroseed with a flash of red light. It hit the ground with a soft thud, and wriggled around on the forest floor, before finally clicking to signify Ferroseed's capture.

"Congratulations, you just caught a Ferroseed," my ranger said, picking up the ball from the ground. I grinned.

"Thanks!" I exclaimed. "Togekiss, you did a great job," I said to Togekiss, softly stroking her wing. She smiled in appreciation, more than happy to help me. "Alright, next order of business... Finding a Durant!" I said, reaching into my backpack once again. After fishing around for a few seconds, I found what I was looking for- a CD labeled with DURANT. I pulled it out, and picked up the PokePlayer from where it rested on the ground. This time, I was determined to be able to use the radio without making a complete fool of myself. I pressed the open button, popped out the Ferroseed disc, and replaced it with the Durant disc. I pressed the Play button, and something that sounded like a high-pitched screeching emitted from the radio. I gave my ranger a half-smile. Hopefully we would have the luck that we had had with Ferroseed, and we wouldn't have to listen to this horrible noise for long. "Shall we keep moving then?" I asked.
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