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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - Not recruiting! (FULL)

Originally Posted by The Amazing Ninja Kirby View Post
Ok guys, I bought Black last Sunday and since then I am now on the final gym in the game. My team (non EV trained of course) goes as follows:
Escavalier Lvl. 38
Seismitoad Lvl. 37
Zebstrika Lvl. 37
Sawk Lvl. 38
Baconator (Emboar) Lvl. 39
Krookodile Lvl. 41

As you read this post, keep in mind I probably leveled up one of them right now or a short while ago. So is it bad that I'm plowing through the game so quickly? Should I slow down a bit? o.o
You bought the game 4ish days ago and you're on the final gym.....that seems a wee bit rushed....but I guess you still have so much more to do. Elite 4 and whatever extra stuff there is. Plus, I'm sure you'll eventually be EV training so I guess it's okay. Nice Emboar name btw :P
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