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Default The Dream Center

The Dream Center


Welcome to the Dream Center, where you wishes come true. Here at the Dream Center, you can swap or learn a new Ability. The release of Pokemon Black and White has given us a wide variety of new exciting Abilities. Also older Generation Pokemon have been given one of these new abilities to increase it's chance in winning during a battle or in the Safari. Come down to the Dream Center and change your Pokemon's Ability or learn one of it's newer ones.


~~Change your Ability (Not DW) :- $10
~~Change to your DW Ability :- $12


1. When purchased an Ability, you must write the change of your ability. If not caught, this may be picked up as cheating.
2. The Pokemon sent to the Dream Center must not be involved in any battles or Safari Run. Again if caught, you will lose the ability / move
3. There is no limit on how many times you can re-obtain the Ability
4. You must wait 24 Hours to collect your new Pokemon's ability

Order Form

Here is an example order form


Old Ability = Static
New Ability = Lightningrod

$25 - $12 = $13
Wait for 24 hours and then post to claim it


Old Ability = Static
New Ability = Lightningrod



These are the people who are allowed to approve,

Silver Slash
And all ASB Officials


Dino: 18$
Alliecat : 6$
3m0d0ll: 6$
Tsuna: 6$
Diamond1304 : 6$

Total: 42$

Money Earned: 30$



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