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Default Re: Dark Shadow Lord joins the ranks!

What? You guys made this noob a mod and not me psh... Pe2k...,

Kidding much, but in all realness, this is long over due. I mean over two years running a clan, which currently is undefeated, highest post count, active every damn day... Thanks for coming from under the rock lol. but I'm not here to bash te stability of the place or point out everything that should be obvious. I'm coming to give kudos to the boss man. He's earned it and I've stressed it before. He's like big bro to re battling community and this means alot for a section of the forum that should be a site in it's own.....

I'm sure no one will work harder to make this place ideal, ( and when that happens I'm coming back for more than contender)

But all in all, go bro go.
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