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Default Re: Open Battle: Dino vs Paperfairy

Round 2

Happiny (♀)
Health: 100
Energy: 78
Status: No status effects and having a blast.
Moves: Imprison/Counter/Reflect~Light Screen/Counter/Imprison/Toxic

[Cain] Snubbull (Male)
Health: 94
Energy: 94
Status: Paralyzed, and not having much fun.
Moves: Heal Bell ~ Thunder Wave/Attract

Happiny's evil grin suddenly turns to a frown. Her trainer had ordered Imprison but... she knows what the move did, but has no clue how to use it. It's nowhere in her wide assortment of attacks. Still, it may just be that she had never thought to try. She scrunches up her eyes and pulls her stubby hands to her chest. All she needs, she reasons, is to concentrate.
Nothing happens.

Cain, meanwhile, is having some issues of his own. His command is to use Heal Bell, but that requires motion which, sadly, is something of a problem. He focuses his energy into the center of his body, where it forms as a visible blue light. The next movement is to move his arms in a precise manner to expel the light from his body, shoving the source of the affliction out with it. Unfortunately, when he tries, a muscle spasm causes his body to twist as he tries. Instead of curing himself, he only ends up whacking himself in the face.

Shaking his head, Cain focuses on his next instruction while Happiny continues looking like she has constipation, another attempt at Attract. He shoves his eyelid down forcefully, not allowing the paralysis to get in the way, and silently cheers when he feels the heart energy flow from his eye. Sadly, at that particular moment his head suddenly twists, and the heart misses Happiny by a wide margin, vanishing over the horizon. Overall, it has been a hilariously useless round.

Round End

Happiny (♀)
Health: 100
Energy: 56
Status: Getting a headache from her scrunched up face. No active effects

[Cain] Snubbull (Male)
Health: 94
Energy: 84
Status: Really not having much fun. Paralyzed.

Happiny-Imprison (move not known. Energy penalty: 11)
Snubbull-Heal Bell (rolled 6, 25 or lower for full Paralysis. Energy cost: 6)
Happiny-Imprison (move not known. Energy penalty: 11)
Snubbull-Attract (rolled 24, 25 or lower for full Paralysis. Energy cost: 4)
Area effects: Fog weather, 10% accuracy reduction.
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