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Default Re: Open Battle: Dark Moonlight vs Osha-WHAT

Dark Moonlight, attorney at law, closed her briefcase and sighed in relief. Everything was still in it. The little stone T-Rex at her feet, her Cranidos, sighed as well. She was, after all, the one on trial, falsely accused of murder. Her name, all too appropriately, was The Defence. DM's briefcase contained all of the documents meant to prove her innocence. Neither trainer nor Pokemon could believe that it had been left behind when the trial went into recess earlier that day. In fact, both remembered bringing it with them.

The door opens. Very quietly, which DM takes notice of, but in the still silence of the courtroom at night they still hear it and turn around. There stands Osha-WHAT, a family member of the victim, and her Eevee Brooke. Their purpose here is apparent. They think The Defense is guilty, even though the evidence so far was leading both the judge and the jury to realize that she was innocent. They know what the verdict will be tomorrow. And they've come to get vengeance themselves.

Battle Start

Dark Moonlight

[The Defense] Cranidos (Female)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Moves: Rock Smash ~ Hammer Arm


[Brooke] Eevee (F)
Ability: Adaptability
Jump to Gallery ~ Shadow Ball

The Defense really, really doesn't fight. Aside from being bad for the case, she has absolutely nothing against Brooke or Osha-WHAT. But she has no choice but to follow DM's instructions on this, and if her Trainer thinks that battling is the way to get out of this, she'll go with it. With full intent only to incapacitate Brooke, she runs forward, knowing that she's slightly faster than her opponent despite her heavy body. Her arm pulls back, and she punches, her tiny claw-like fingers pulled so the knuckles extend outwards. The blow clubs Brooke on the side of the head, dazing her slightly, but the Eevee quickly recovers and takes a jump back, landing in front of the Gallery where people sat to spectate.

Seeing that this is going to require the big guns, The Defense draws another fist, this time a normal one, and runs forward again, this time swinging her arm in a circle next to her body. Just as she reaches her opponent-she refuses the word enemy-Brooke jumps back, landing in one of the seats of the Gallery with her fur spiking up, hissing in a very feline way. The Defense's fist instead ends up buried in the wall of the Gallery, leaving a clear indentation.

Brooke glares at The Defense, the one who caused her Trainer pain by killing one of her pack. In the world of a Pokemon this was an unforgivable sin. Her mouth opens and a ball of swirling violet energy appears in front of it, the spectres of ghosts a thousand years dead whispering through it. The Shadow Ball fires, hurtling down the stands at its target, who had only just managed to pull her hand free and look back up at the Eevee who was so angrily trying to fight her. The blast nails her in the face, sending her skidding backwards across the ground. Brooke smirks humorlessly, but The Defense still stands back up, obviously ready to get rid of the only two who did not buy her innocent act.

End of Round

Dark Moonlight

[The Defense] Cranidos (Female)
HP: 96
Energy: 82
Status: Worried. Really worried.


[Brooke] Eevee (F)
HP: 94
Energy: 86
Status: Pissed. Really pissed. Defense-1, In Gallery.

The Defense-Rock Smash (rolled 1, Defense drop. Dealt 6 damage. Energy cost: 4)
Brooke-Jumped to Gallery (energy cost: 2)
The Defense-Hammer Arm (attack missed. Energy cost: 14)
Brooke-Shadow Ball (dealt 4 damage. Rolled 24, 20 or lower for drop effect. Energy cost: 12)
My creativity loves this battle. Really, really loves it.
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