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Default The Trading Bazaar

The Trading Bazaar

Welcome to the Trading Bazaar! Here you can send or trade Pokémon, money, and/or items to other players!


- To put up a Pokemon for trade, you must post the Pokemon along with all other details such as Signature move, Ability, Gender, etc.
- When you find someone that is willing to trade Pokemon with you, you'll need to either accept their offer or kindly decline.
- Once you finally agree to trade your Pokemon with someone, you post saying that you accept their trading offer.
- If you are giving a player a gift, simply post the goods and the player it is being given to. The receiving player must still post here to accept the gift.
- Players can claim their Pokemon, items, or money as soon as both people agree. You must register only the Pokemon which you obtain and not the ones you lose. Any transferred funds or items must be placed in their respective threads, whether it be the Utility Store or the Bank.
- Do not keep reposting the Pokemon you have up for trade. You're allowed to do so once in two pages, but not before that.

ASB Officials reserve the right to deny and reverse any transactions if we suspect abuse.

And that’s it!
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