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Default Re: Image Requests - [Request banners/avatars/images here]

I was referred to this area by Sarah as I am a bit of a "newb" :). Apologies if for some reason my request is a fail! May whom is doing this PM me too? Many thanks!


Banner/Avatar: Both please?

Size: Default size for both :).

Colour Theme: A mixture of Blue and Black please.
Image(s): Dratini image please? Not too fussed about its appearance.

Background Image(s): Erm, a bubbly type of background, water kind of things, i know Dratini isn't a water pokemon but this would be the preferance thanks ;).

Main Text: MIRACLE (in the bottom right hand corner).
Sub-Text: -

Border: Whatever suits, not fussed (:
Extra: Just make it look aggressive?

THANKYOU - no particular rush, will be very appreciated!

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