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Default Brink of Insanity - Activity

Activity within the Clan

As some of you have noticed, inactivity is a BIG problem on these forums, so I have made a few rules for new recruits and old ones. Please make sure to read these before joining.


1. If you do not post within a week of joining you will be removed unless you have a specific reason.
2. If you're not going to be able to post within a period of time PLEASE TELL ME FIRST!
3. If you're new to the forum and make an account, join, but end up using another one, TELL ME. I'll simply switch you, or remove you. Your choice.
4. Every once in a while I will do an activity Check. Basically I send everyone a private message to see how is active and how is not. The message will contian updates about the clan and Pokemon world, and all you have to do so I know you are active is to reply with your comments, ideas, or simply say I am active or something.

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