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Default Re: Open: Supremist Rain vs IceKyurem


[Tsutarja] Snivy (F)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 82%
Energy: 74%
Status: Let’s play, cute one. (-1 SPATK)
Substitute/Giga Drain ~ Substitute/Leaf Blade

Supremist Rain

[-] Togepi (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 70%
Energy: 75%
Status: It’s on like Mankey Kong!
Nasty Plot/Flamethrower ~ Flamethrower/Mega Kick


Tsutarja began to rip up stalks of grass, knitting them with some skill into a rough outline of a shape like its own. She then opened her mouth, pouring energy into the white smoke that came out of her. It gathered into tendrils of ethereal white, which in turn formed into a white sphere in front of her. The sphere floated down into the Tsutarja skeleton, filling it with life and color and turning it into what appeared to be a shadowy, somewhat grassy copy of Tsu – the grass giving it a ‘backbone’, so to speak. Tsutarja leaned forward, giving a heavy pant as the life force she’d put into the doll caught up to her.
Togepi reviewed her conditionals for a few seconds, then decided a boost was appropriate and began to focus all her darker thoughts together; a pang of hate stole through her as she watched her opponent bending down to rest behind her little decoy. Togepi had wonderfully awful thoughts about things like Garchomps munching the grass snake, and she gave a grin of dark satisfaction at the fantasy.
Tsutarja straightened, ready to once more go on the offensive. She begin to focus her energy, concentrating it into the ordinarily flimsy leaves on her tail. The aforementioned foliage began to glow bright green, becoming flat and rigid...
And sharp. Very sharp.
Tsu rushed forward, moving with surprising speed for such a stubby-legged Pokemon. She leaped into the air, flipping, and came down with her tail poised like a cleaver at Togepi. The little egg-monster let out a high-pitched wail as the sharp tail cut her, trapping her against the razor edge and the floor. She tucked her feet in and skidded on the arena floor, feeling indignant.
She stood up, glaring daggers at the Tsutarja as several of her more attractive fantasies floated into her mind. She concentrated on the fiery, burning feeling of this rage, and within seconds she could feel flames bubbling up in her stomach. Her body heated, her mouth feeling raw as the fire singed the tender skin within. She opened her slim jaws, letting out a surge of crimson flame. Tsutarja leaped quickly to the side as her decoy stood faithfully to absorb the dire flame. When the fire faded, the substitute and the floor beneath it had a fine coating of black ashes, but they were both unharmed.
“You mad?” Tsutarja mouthed at Togepi with crossed arms as the ‘sweet’ little thing gave her a look that could have given a Trecko pause.
This fight was still just getting started.



[Tsutarja] Snivy (F)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 57%
Energy: 48%
Status: This needs to end very fast, and she knows it. (-1 SPATK)

HP: 10%

Supremist Rain

[-] Togepi (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 63%
Energy: 49%
Status: Ready to utterly kill. (SPATK +2)


Tsutarja: (Substitute -25% HP, -14% Energy; Leaf Blade -12% Energy; Flamethrower -15% HP, Sub absorbed)
Togepi: (Nasty Plot -10% Energy; Leaf Blade -7% HP; Flamethrower -16% Energy)
Leaf Blade’s Crit Roll was 33, with 1-12.5 Critting
Flamethrower’s Crit Roll was 47, with 1-6.25 Critting
Flamethrower’s Burn Roll was ignored; Sub Up
The sunlight has faded.
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And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

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