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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Alright I have a random question... is it true that on BW WiFi you can only scale Pokemon down to level 50? Not up to 50 or 100? I can't see any option for that so I was wondering. If it's true it's pretty stupid. =/
to confirm this, there's only options for flat battle and no restrictions on wifi for B/W. for flat battles EVERYTHING becomes Level 50.. "special pokemon" (i assume mew, deoxys and the like of) are banned, species clause is in effect, and items clause is in effect. the option to have the wonder launcher on or off is available.. downside to this is only 3 pokemon can participate in a flat battle via wifi for single battles. 4 for doubles and 6 for triple and rotation. No restrictions is just as it says.. ergo, both battlers must understand and follow the rules of engagement.

Hope that clears things up for everyone
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