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Default Re: Brink of Instanity - You May Now Post

Originally Posted by Latisiblings View Post
Latisiblings checkin' in, and ready to battle!

Speaking of battling, what better way is there to raise activity than a war?
We'll probably go into a war soon enough. I'll work it out after I'm done with this activity check.

Originally Posted by Badal View Post
Hey, I just wanted to say, good luck on a relatively fresh start! ^_^
Thanks, I do hope we do well with me trying to do so many things at once.

EDIT: Alright, pretty much done with the activity check. I sent a message to a few people about the activity check, other than that I removed anyone who hasn't posted in a really long time. The total members we're down to about 10 members. Anyone know the max amount of members for a clan?

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