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Eishiba awoke the next morning. He sat up as the morning sun came pouring through the window. "Today is the day!" he thought to himself. He jumped out of bed and hurried into the living room to check on his Mankey. Mankey was busy eating some food Eishiba's mother had set out. It seemed to be fine so Eishiba went to the kitchen where his mom had bacon and eggs ready for him. As he ate his mom told him it would be fine for him to use her Pidgeot. Eishiba loved flying over the cities and towns. After eating, Eishiba was ready to go. He put all four of his Pokemon into their Pokeballs. He felt good knowing he had the Bunery now. It seemed to be really happy with him, even if it was girlie. His mom, dad, and sister all waved as he hoped on the back of his mom's Pidgeot. It took off flying high over the city of Vermillion. Eishiba waved as he watched his family fade from view.
Pidgeot flew without an difficulty. Eishiba hoped to catch his own flying Pokemon. He began thinking and thought, "I don't have a Pokemon good enough to catch a flying Pokemon." Flying Pokemon always had an advantage by just being able to fly. He thought about what Professor Oak would say when Eishiba went to his lab. He watched as they passed over a forest as they finally landed in Pallet Town. Eishiba looked at Pidgeot and said, "Alright, thanks for the lift. Tell mom I miss her already." Pidgeot nodded as it flapped its wings and became airborn, heading back the way it came.
Eishiba looked around at where he was. Pallet Town was a small little town. It had a small row of maybe 5 or 6 houses and one larger building which must have been Professor Oaks lab. Before Eishiba headed to the lab, he saw another boy running through the city. He had brown hair, green eyes, and wore a tee shirt and shorts. Behind him was a weedle. A small orange bug Pokemon with a point on its head. It made a quick dash and its point connected with the boys rear end, only making the boy run faster. Eishiba couldn't help but laugh as he hoped that the boy hadn't gotten poisoned. Eishiba decided he should help the boy. He thought for a second and then took a Pokeball from his belt. He hoped this Pokemon could help. He threw it to the ground shouting, "Go Torchic!"
With that, Torchic took form as it stretched its legs and looked at Eishiba. "Torchic, I need you to help me chase that boy with the Weedle. Then I need you to use Ember on it, ok?"
Torchic nodded as it and Eishiba chased the boy, gaining on him. The poor Torchic bumbled behind as it barely maintained its balance as it ran. Once they were close enough, Eishiba said, "Now Torchic!" Torchic opened its mouth and small spurts of fire came from its mouth. It wasn't a very strong move but the Weedle coul really feel the heat. It stopped and made a dash at Torchic. It knocked Torchic back as it looked mad. Torchic unleashed another Ember as the Weedle was now slightly torched. It fled quickly as Eishiba let it go. He went to his Torchic and said, "Are you ok Torchic?" Torchic nodded as it was not poisoned. The boy walked to Eishiba as he calle his Torchic back saying, "Thank you. I was really scared cause that Weedle seemed mad. But I guess thats what I get for trying to take it home."
Eishiba thought of all the Pokemon a person could try to take home without a Pokeball but Weedle was a bad choice. "Why were you trying to take it home?" Eishiba asked.
The boy said, "To add to my collection. I get my first Pokemon today and start on my adventure. I wanted to have a second one also. I'm Kalen by the way." He said as he shook Eishiba's hand.
"I'm Eishiba. I came to see Professor Oak before I start my own journey." Kalen said, "Then lets hurry! Ill show you the way!" The boy was excited as he hurried to Professor Oaks lab. The main entrance was always open apparently. Kalen walked right in like it was his own house. Eishiba followed. Once inside, the lab smelled like that of a pet shop or animal shelter, smelling of Pokemon dander. It made Eishiba's nose crinkle. There were many machines that Eishiba had no idea what they were for. He saw Pokemon running all around the place. Kalen was already talking to Professor Oak. Professor Oak was in his 60's, Eishiba would have guessed. With gray hair and brown eyes and old features. He looked at Eishiba saying, "So you have come to start your journey?"
Eishiba nodded as he said, "My father said I should start here. Zayin is his name."
"Yes, Zayin is a fine trainer, one of the best. Well I won't waste your time. Your both will need this," he said handing them a red device. "Its a Pokedex. It will tell you any information on any Pokemon up to date." He then handed them 5 extra Pokeballs saying, "And these of course."
Kalen looked at Professor Oak and said, "I was hoping to get my first Pokemon."
The Professor nodded as he said, "Yes, I can help you with that. Follow me." He looked at Eishiba saying, "Do you need one too?"
Eishiba shook his head saying, "I already have four that I obtained over the years."
The Professor nodded saying, "Well while I take him to get his Pokemon, if you would like you can set all four Pokeballs on that machine in the corner, push the red button and it will nourish them to health."
Eishiba thought of just how much Torchic might need that and said, "Thank you."
He walked to the machine and set his Pokeballs into four of the six slots available. He pushed the button as all he heard was the sound of a fan blowing inside the machine. He looked at his Pokedex while he waited. He opened it like a flip phone and aimed it at a Growlithe in the room as the Pokedex spoke with an automated tone and said, "Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon. This Pokemon uses powerful fire attacks and is very intimidating." Eishiba grinned as he now had something to help him recognize anything he didn't know.
Kalen came down with Professor Oak just as Eishiba's Pokemon had healed. Kalen looked at Eishiba saying, "Lets have a battle!"
Eishiba smiled saying, "Sure, lets do it!"
Eishiba took from his belt his Mankey, throwing it into the center of the room. Kalen threw out a pokeball as it erupted containing a small Chimchar. It had long lankey but thin arms and a big head. A Chimchar? Eishiba thought. He used his Pokedex on it as it spoke, "Chimchar the Chimp Pokemon. This Pokemon is uses many fire type attacks, posing a good opponent. Before going to sleep, it extinguishes the flame on its tail to prevent fires."
Eishiba got ready as he noticed Kalen using his Pokedex on Mankey. Eishiba heard the Pokedex say, "Mankey, the Pig Monkey Pokemon. Known for its temper tantrums and angry nature, it is very agile and packs quite a punch." Kalen was very amused with Mankey. Professor Oak stood as the ref saying, "This is a one on one match, Chimchar versus Mankey! Start!"
Eishiba was quicker to start. "Mankey," he shouted, "Start off with a scratch attack!" Mankey ran foreward with great speed taking a big swipe at Chimchar as it fell back. Kalen thought to himself and said, "Um, Chimchar use scratch also!" Chimchar ran at Mankey, not quite as fast but with good speed and took a swipe as Mankey was the one to fall back. Mankey hoped up as Kalen said, "Now, Ember!" Chimchar opened its mouth letting out a small wave of fire as it contacted Mankey. Mankey let out a screech as its arm took most of the burn. Mankey shook its arm like it was in pain. "Mankey, hang in there!" Eishiba shouted. "Try a Low Kick!" Kalen shouted to Chimchar, "Use another Ember attack!" Chimchar stood where it was, letting out another Ember attack. Mankey ran at Chimchar with great speed and use a massive kick, nailing Chimchar in its open mouth as it spit out the fire. Both Pokemon staggered back. Only Mankey managed to keep standing as Chimchar fell to the ground. It laid there for a few seconds before Professor Oak said, "The winner is Mankey and Eishiba!" Kalen returned his Chimchar as he looked saddened.
Eishiba ran to his Mankey and hugged it and picked it up. He looked at Mankey and said, "You did great!" For the first time, Mankey was not angry and throwing a tantrum. In fact, it looked happy. It clapped its funny looked hands together cheering. Eishiba saw its arm as it looked really charred. Mankey seemed to be keeping that arm from touching anything as it was a little tender. He went to Professor Oak saying, "Can you help my Mankey? Its burned." Professor Oak went to a cabinet full of medecine and selected a blue bottle with a spray nozzle on it. He sprayed it on Mankeys arm as it began to hop around, angry again. "That will burn for a few minutes but it will be fine." As Mankey screeched, thrashing wildly, Professor Oak took Kalens Chimchar in its Pokeball and put it on the machine to heal it. Kalen said, "Your Mankey is amazing!" Eishiba said, "Thanks, I really like Mankey."
Kalen said, "What did you think of Chimchar?"
Eishiba said, "It was really tough to fight. Its fire moves were great."
"Well, would you want to trade?" Kalen asked.
Eishiba thought for a moment as he imagined battling with Chimchar. Professor Oak spoke as pointed to another machine saying, "That machine is for trading. All it does it swaps the two Pokemon into the others Pokeball, making it official."
"What do you say?" Kalen asked hopeful.
Eishiba couldn't imagine himself without his Mankey, "Sorry, I really like my Mankey."
Kalen kicked at nothing saying, "Darn, I want a Mankey now."
By now, Mankey was done thrashing as its burn was healed. Eishiba called it back to his Pokeball and put it on the machine with Kalen's Chimchar.
Outside, the clouds overhead seemed to turn darker within a matter of five minutes. Professor Oak said, "What is going on? Its not supposed to rain today."
Then there was a voice, which sounded like a rushing waterfall outside. It called out, "Eishiba, Kalen come here please."
Both of them took their Pokeballs from the machine and walked outside. A giant Pokemon stood in the yard as it looked down at them. Professor Oak was right behind them and he exclaimed, "Th...tha...thats...Arceus! He is supposed to be a myth!"
Arceus looked at all three of them saying, "No, I'm am Arceus, creator of all of the beautiful Pokemon in this world. I have come, asking for assistance."
Eishiba looked questioned and said, "What does the God of Pokemon need from two starting trainers?"
Arceus said, "Everything. There has been a disturbance in the world of Pokemon and if left unchecked, it will disturb the human world before long. A powerful Pokemon, one not created by me, is loose on earth and is planning to destroy the world."
Professor Oak said, "You are supposed to be all powerful. Why don't you stop it?"
Arceus spoke, "I have tried and failed. It was engineered by some very talented Pokemon scientists. Its fighting abilities were raised to the highest point achievable. I could not stop it. That is why I need both of you two young trainers."
Kalen said, "What can we do that you can't?"
Arceus said, "I need to find special, pure, loving trainers to take some of the more legendary Pokemon under their wings and train them, in an attempt to stop this deadly Pokemon. Only by combining Pokemon and human can this be done. No Pokemon and no human on their own can do this."
"Legendary Pokemon?" Kalen asked. "You mean like Articuno?"
Arceus nodded, "Yes, I will even let you choose but only by proving yourself. I need not one who is the best, but one who is of great love and kindness towards not just his own Pokemon, but all of them."
Kalen and Eishiba looked at each other as Eishiba said, "Ill do what I can." Kalen shouted, "The same goes for me!"
Arceus smiled and said, "Both of you I will count on. I shall seek others as well. I hope in time..."
Arceus was cut off as he was knocked to the ground by a blast of Aura power. The collision sent a shockwave through the ground as Arceus fell to the ground. All three looked very shocked as they saw in the sky, the powerful white Pokemon. It levitated in the air and landed, standing only a 20 feet from the two boys. "I am Mewtwo. The most powerful Pokemon in the world! This lab is full of foolish Pokemon, in need of...special instructions."
Professor Oak said, "This is my lab and you will have nothing to do with it." Mewtwo said, "Do not challenge me old man!" Professor Oak was lifted into the air by an imaginary force as his old body was thrown against the wall of his lab. He fell with a thud as he laid unconscious. Kalen and Eishiba nodded to each other as they threw a Pokeball each, to the ground as Chimchar and Mankey took form, side by side. Mewtwo laughed saying, "Do you really expect that to scare me?"
Eishiba said to Kalen, "We have to work together."
Kalen nodded as they both called out, "Scratch attack!"
Both Chimchar and Mankey charged at Mewtwo. Mankey pulled ahead, taking the lead as it was faster. Both lept into the air, swiping as both Pokemon missed a Mewtwo barely made an attempt to move. Kalen shouted, "Use Ember!" Chimchar unleashed an Ember as Mewtwo again dodged with no waste of energy. Mewtwo simply stood where it was, dodging their attacks. Kalen said, "Maybe if we trap him, you can hit him!"
Eishiba nodded, "Its worth a try."
Kalen shouted, "Chimchar, jump in the air and use Ember and surround Mewtwo!" Mewtwo watched in amusement as Chimchar leaped into the air, directly over Mewtwo launching its Ember as the flames surrounded Mewtwo. The flames licked at Mewtwo but he did not budge. Eishiba called to Mankey, "Low Kick!" Mankey charged quickly and leaped up with a powerful Low Kick. Mewtwo stopped Mankey in midair and threw it at the laboratory wall very hard. Mankey cried out as it fell to the ground and fainted. Chimchar was still standing as Kalen called, "Give it your most powerful Ember!"
Chimchar gave all it had but to no avail. Mewtwo's eyes turned blue as it took control of Chimchar's fire and made it snake its way back to Chimchar, enveloping it in flames. Chimchar cried out as it fainted from exhuastion.
Eishiba ran to Mankey and said, "Mankey, are you ok?" Mankey laid motionless. Eishiba thought of sending out another Pokemon but he realized he just wasn't strong enough. "Just you wait til we get more powerful! Then we will put a stop to you!"
Mewtwo laughed as he said, "I'm certain." With that, he vanished.
Professor Oak was air lifted to the hospital in Viridian City. People from all over were surprised to see Arceus still unconscious in the lab yard. Arceus sat up slowly, looking at the two boys. Kalen said, "Arceus, are you alright?" Arceus slowly stood as he said, "If I had known he would show up, I would have better protected us. "
Eishiba said, "I guess we have to get stronger...Mewtwo is really strong."
Arceus said, " faced Mewtwo? But why?"
Kalen said, "He hurt Professor Oak and threatened the Pokemon in the lab. He doesn't seem to like either."
Arceus said, "To know that you would battle against a great threat just to have even the smallest hope of the tiniest piece of victory, to save the Pokemon in this laboratory and the Professor is moving.
Arceus looked at the beaten Chimchar and Mankey and stood over each one and let out a heavy breath. As he breathed on each one, they opened their eyes and stood up as if they had never been hurt. Arceus looked at them both saying, "My beautiful children, I am sorry you had to go through that." He looked at the trainers and said, "We will met again when the time is right." Arceus then leaped into the air and disappeared. Kalen and Eishiba looked at each other. "I suppose we should head to Viridian City. We should see if Professor Oak is ok." Eishiba said.
"Great, I know the way. Follow me!" Kalen said as he took off into a forest.
"What a first day this is starting out to be," Eishiba thought.
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