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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
Actually there are 6, and I'm going to be going into heavy duty reffing mode this week to pick that up. But we can't actually control the number of refs beyond passing more people, and as it stands we're already passing everyone who doesn't seriously screw up.
I'm just throwing ideas out so if I start sounding like a drill sergeant I apologize in advance. For some reason I thought there was like a bunch of refs. Makes sense as to why none of the battles were getting replied to. I also noticed some people have started more than two or three separate battles. Myself included. But it might make it a little easier on the refs if everyone was restricted to no more than two separate battles and the refs 3 month time frame to make a ref call be change to like once every four days or a week at the most. Maybe they wouldn't have to go through all of the battles waiting but atleast to have a good dent put in them so as to take some load off everyone else. After a month of not posting as a ref, they won't even be remembered, let alone 3 lol. I'm not trying to offend no one but if one doesn't have easy access to a computer then they really won't be very beneficial to the cause here. I imagine this will get pretty big anyways cause its a cross between anime battling and roleplay/story writing. I have even cut time on my own forum as a mod to do this. lol