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Default Re: Dragon's Den

The Move Tutor

Ever wished your Garchomp could learn Dragon Dance? Or your Flareon could learn a great physical STAB move like Flare Blitz? Your lightning quick Rapidash could learn Extremespeed?

If yes, then this is just the place for you!

Here at the ASB Move Tutor, we teach your Pokemon moves that it can cannot learn naturally (through level up or via TMs/HMs or Egg moves), but learning these moves suit the Pokemon.

NOTE: A Pokemon may learn upto three Tutor Moves.

If you would like to have one of your Pokemon's moves exchanged, you may do so for half the normal price of the move.

All you need to do is to follow a few simple rules.

  • Fill the form below to apply for a move:
    Pokemon you wish to teach the Move:
    Move you wish to teach:
    Reasons which support your Pokemon learning the chosen move:
  • Customers must post a link to their Trainer Stats while requesting approval for a move for verification purposes..
  • If your reasons are satisfactory enough, then your application will be approved.
  • Note: If the combination you want has already been approved before (see 2nd post for existing combinations), you do not need to get your choice approved. You may proceed to the next step without waiting for an approval of your choice of move.
  • Once your application is approved, you must pay a fee (see below for the price system). Register your purchase at the Bank as soon as you post.
  • Your Pokemon needs to stay here for 24 hours to learn the specified move, after which they can be claimed back.
  • Once the 24 hours are completed, register your Tutored move at the Registration Headquarters.
  • ASB Officials can overrule approvals if they think the choice of move is not feasible to learn. In such a case, your money will be refunded to you, provided you post here, with proof that the approval was overruled.
  • You must get approval of the Tutored Move before you can use it in battle.
  • All other ASB and PE2K rules apply as well.

Price System

We have two very simple formulae to calculate move prices.

Damage-Dealing Moves

Move Price = (BP/10*S) + EXP + A + P

BP = Base Power of Move
S = Stab Modifier (S = 1.5 if Pokemon has STAB and S = 1 if Pokemon does not have STAB)
EXP = Current Experience Level of Pokemon
A = Additional Effect Modifier (See below)
P = Move Priority

Useful Information and Links

Additional Effect Modifiers
A = +2 ; Attack decreases opponent's stat/increases user's stat by 2 stages
A = +1 ; Attack decreases opponent's stat/increases user's stat by 1 stage
A = -2 ; Attack increases opponent's stat/decreases user's stat by 2 stages
A = -1 ; Attack increases opponent's stat/decreases user's stat by 1 stage
A = -2 ; User has to recharge
A = +1; Attack has a chance to inflict a status on the opponent
A = +1; Attack has a chance to flinch the opponent (Includes Fake Out)
A = +3; Attack is Ancientpower/Ominous Wind/Silver Wind

Move Priority List
ASB Compendium

The ASB Compendium includes information on Pokemon Experience Levels (see ASB Stats Tab) and Attack Base Powers and Energy Modifiers (see Attacks Tab)

Note: Experience can change if you've used Rare Candies, so don't forget to mention it when you apply for a move, along with a link to your Trainer Stats.

One-Hit Knockout Moves

These include Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold.
Their price is fixed at $27 + EXP

Example 1

Let us consider a Gengar, with no extra experience, trying to learn Shadow Sneak.
BP = 40 ; Gengar gains STAB so S = 1.5 ; EXP = 9 ; No Additional Effects, so A = 0 ; Shadow Sneak has priority +1, so P = 1
Move Price = (40/10)*1.5 + 9 + 0 + 1 = $16

Example 2

Consider a Tauros with no extra experience trying to learn Skull Bash.
BP = 100 ; S = 1.5 ; EXP = 8 ; Skull Bash raises defense by 1 stage so A = +! ; P = 0
Move Price = (100/10)*1.5 + 8 + 1 + 0 = $24

Non-Damaging Moves

Move Price = (M*3) + EXP

M = Energy Modifier for Move
EXP = Current Experience Level of Pokemon


There are currently eleven exceptions to this rule. Their prices have been pre-decided.

Magic Coat/Snatch/Substitute/Metal Burst/Counter/Mirror Coat - $12 + EXP
Destiny Bond/Perish Song/Curse/Grudge/Nightmare - $22 + EXP

Example 3

Consider a Munchlax, with no extra experience trying to learn Encore.
M = 3 ; EXP = 2
Move Price = (3*3) + 2 = $11


Move Tutor Officials


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