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Originally Posted by Tokyokit View Post
I was thinking the Pokemon would cost one or so dollars less than normal, but nothing changed too much. I mean, they were already named, gendered, and abilitied by someone else, and (if the former owner had one set up) SM'd.

I could definantly take Pokemon off if I must.

Items would be about the same as they normally are, they cant be given names, genders, or abilities etc.

I'll take EM's off if I dont need to take Pokemon off, otherwise I will edit the Pokemon part out completely.
Sorry Kit, the UPD already has this covered now. Not approved.

Originally Posted by sammy0295 View Post
This got rejected before, but I still like the idea so I'm going to try again.

ASB Type Changer
Ever wished your Charizard got STAB for Dragon Rage, or your Noctowl was recognized for its Psychic powers? Well, here's your chance!

Through a simple process, including an surgical implant of enhancers in the brain, your Pokémon's natural talent can be brought out so it can shine above the rest! Of course that implant, and the surgeons, cost us money, so they cost you money. But the fee is small, just $12! And our surgeons are the best! They've never lost a patient! Well, there was that one, but that one doesn't count, and that other one wasn't too good to begin with, and that other one…

The type you change it to will become the Pokémon's second type. In a Pokémon such as Charizard, which already has two types, the second type will be changed. So a Charizard could be changed from Fire/Flying to Fire/Dragon. In the case of Normal/Flying type Pokémon, such as Noctowl, the Normal would change, not the Flying, so a Noctowl could go from Normal/Flying to Psychic/Flying .

Fill out this form to get a type change approved
Type Change: Type/Type -> Type/Type

  • If you convince me, your type change will be approved.
  • Check the second post to see if the combination you want has already been approved, and if it has you can skip to the next step.
  • After approval you must pay money. Yes, money. You were told about this before, don't act surprised. And don't forget to register it at the bank. It's $12.
  • The surgery and recovery will take 24 hours, so you can come back then, and your Pokémon will be better than new. Or of course you could wait here, but we don't have a waiting room, so you're just going to have to stand there.
  • After the surgery post the Type change at the Registration Headquarters. They can say that I'm an idiot and I shouldn't have done the surgery, and make me undo it, which can be done rather quickly, as we pretty much just rip out the implant do not wish to inconvenience you any longer, and your money will be refunded.
  • All other ASB and PE2K rules apply, because if they don't, I go to jail.
Haha no. I'm not going to approve imbuing you with the power to make game warping changes like that.
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