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Default Re: The Pokemon Society 5th Gen OU Tournament

Originally Posted by Gofre View Post
Name: Gofre
Timezone: GMT

I haven't played OU since getting my Mac in January, time to build a team methinks.
I'd also like to make the suggestion that we enforce Smogon's other new clauses, Inconsistent/Moody Clause and the ban of Swift Swim+Drizzle on the same team. Moody lets players win with literally zero levels of skill and Drizzle/SS teams just plain rape everything and will prove to be too overcentralising. If this is to be PE2K's first official 5th Gen tourney, you may as well start getting people accustomed to what will become standard play.
I kinda just assumed people knew about the ss and drizzle and Inconsistent/Moody Clause , but im glad you pointed out that I write down so theres not a mix up later.

also thanks for joining!

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