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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Okay, so I just got through with chapter 45, and this is what I wrote thinking about it last night:

Cool, chapter 45 starts with you replying to me saying I would fail at that competition idea. :D Anyhow, I think chapter 45 might've been about where I dropped away, cause I don't remember reading a chapter titled Articuno. And I think I would've, being it the main point of the story (well, at least up till here).

Okay, after reading 45, I know that's where I left off, and now I have a new favorite chapter. That was excellant, the way you made it just work, awesome. It seemed like there was going to be some form of semi-conclusion (you know, with them left to go home or whatever, although I knew that couldn't be it with the Forbidden Attacks still out there), but then, you just blew it away.

I was really starting to think Articuno had fallen to the ice attack right up until he said he was guarding something. I thought he was going to say 'something happened to me' or whatever, but it took a different turn that wasn't what I expected and really makes a lot of sense and everything. :D Yay! *too tired to read more* I will finish and catch up soon though!

And nope, it's not over by a long-shot, I'll tell you that. Now that the Articuno-seeking arc of the story is over, I can soon begin to focus a lot more on the main plotline. =3
This is just funny to read because at the very beginning, it seemed like that was the main plotline. Btw, love your made-up word, "plottiness"! XD
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