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Default Re: OPEN: Gmandiddy VS. MuddyMudkip

Normally a street like this would be hustling and bustling with cars and people. Not today. Everyone always knows when a battle is about to go down in the city, and how to avoid it. It's a pain to commuters, but not as painful as being blasted with a Hyper Beam. MuddyMudkip stands three blocks down from gmandiddy, their Pokemon at their sides. It's time for the battle to begin.

Battle Start


Togepi (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Stats: None
Moves: Safeguard~Metronome


Porygon (G)
Ability: Download
Stats: None
Moves: Subsitute (25%) ~ Thunder Wave / Magic Coat

Porygon's systems came online, and it quickly ascertained that it was in the middle of a city, battling a Togepi. Its Download program activated the moment that it realized it was a batle, and it scanned Togepi, comparing the data of this one to its databanks. Equal negative response to physical and energy-based attacks. As Porygon's built-in specialty was energy-based, its extra power reserves bolstered those systems, increasing their power.

Before attacking, however, Porygon's list of commands indicated a Substitute was to be created. This was easy enough; Porygon quickly began making copies of the data files for appearance, weaving them together into a program designed for obedience and protection. Unfortunately, safety purposes, points from its damage-until-automatic-shutdown program could not be copied, and thus had to be directly transferred in order to prevent the clone program from instantly deleting itself. Upon completion of the clone, Porygon ejected the program as a swarming ball of blue data, which immediately reformed itself into a perfect physical copy of the original.

Togepi, meanwhile, had set herself to preparing for status-based hijinks. Her eyes closed, and she looked to the heavens, murmuring what appeared to be a prayer. It was actually more like a spell, however, a verbal (although not understandable, being in Pokemon language) incantation to create an effect. In this case, a Safeguard, protecting Togepi and anyone she considered friendly from certain adverse effects. She glowed blue momentarily, and then it faded, indicating that the attack had taken effect. Satisfied, Togepi began merrily swinging her stubby arms back and forth.

Porygon recognized these motions: Metronome. Quickly, it moved on to the next command set to pending in its cache, Thunder Wave. Energy from its body was pulled to the surface shell, transferring itself into blue electricity bouncing up and down in a random crisscross pattern. Porygon locked on target, allowed the electricity to build up for just a few seconds more, and then unleashed it, launching the electrical wave like a net. It sailed through the air, and landed directly on Togepi, who didn't seem to notice it coming. She also didn't notice it actually being on her, either, as the electricity pushed to get into her nervous system and failed miserably before dissipating.

Togepi's cheerful grin grew wider as the tips of her arms suddenly glowed bright white, signalling the completion of Metronome. Her body then began acting on impulse, completely overtaken by the attack. Her arm lifted up into the air, turned from white to a golden color, and then came crashing down on the ground. A golden stream of light zig-zagged from the point of impact to the area where Porygon was, stopped, and then burst in a flash. When the light faded, the asphalt had crumbled, leaving a swirling vortex of sand in its place specifically designed to entrap any Pokemon caught in it. Porygon looked down, momentarily halted by the logical barrier it was faced with (in layman's terms, confused) before reaching the conclusion that the attack that could not harm it, and thus not worth worrying about.

End of Round


Togepi (F)
HP: 100
Energy: 78
Status: Oh well. Safeguard active for 3 more actions.


Porygon (G)
HP: 75
Energy: 77
Status: Logical problem solved. Ready for further commands. Airborne.

Porygon-Download (SpAtt Downloaded)
Porygon-Substitute (substitute created @25%. Energy cost: 14)
Togepi-Safeguard (Safeguard formed. Energy cost: 11)
Porygon-Thunder Wave (absorbed by Safeguard. Energy cost: 9)
Togepi-Metronome-Sand Tomb (Porygon is airborne, physical ground type moves have no effect. Energy cost: 11)
Only two moves can be used per Pokemon per round.
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