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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by Y2kPikachu12 View Post
Does anyone else think Bisharp looks like a Mega Man boss?
I thought it looked like one of those Japanese Ultraman.


Back on topic, my most favorite would be Zekrom (2nd legend besides Mew that I utterly adore to bits) and if it's a normal type Pokemon, I'd have to pick...Lillipup and its kin. Damn thing can KO almost anything with Work Up x3 + Return when its at final stage. Ghosts get eaten up by Crunch, and Surf (yes, it learns that) takes care of the Rock. Use Heart Scale to teach Fire Fang (takes out Steel Types) or Ice Fang for those Pesky dragons. Oh yeah, the ability Sand Rush is also win. Double speed in sandstorm. Bye bye Garchomp.


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