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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

I wanna keep this alive.

RP Title: Pledge
RP Fandom Basis: Pokemon, specifically, the Shadow Triad group
Opening Plot and Exposition: This is the rough sketch...writing, thing.

So we have these young children of the Shadow Triad, one with no family and not much of a life. Cliche yes but anyway, these children in question were constantly watched by a pack of Zoroark, to each their own Illusion Fox to watch them, and as such were exposed to a life of illusion in order to train them and influence them in the ways of the Shadow Triad: to be forever loyal to the pledge. These people don't exist, never have existed and never will in the eyes of society. No one sees them, no one notices them, they never allow themselves to be seen or recognized for anything special, they are merely a shadow. After so many years of living in a life of illusion and false reality, these children who are now pre adults or adults, come into the real world. The Zoroark that watched them have vanished and now left to fend for themselves in an entirely new world, some may feel betrayed by the Shadow Triad, others may still cling to the only thing they've known to be real: their pledge. Between those who feel betrayed and wish to exact retribution for their lives raised in false truth, and those who still follow the ways of the shadow Triad by completing their pledge, or following it, an underground war goes on.
Inspiration: The Shadow Triad seemed cool and their whole thing with the loyalty. I think they were short lived so I thought they could of used their own spotlight.
Where you need help: Touching up, brushing up, maybe someone else with an idea to add. The Zoroark thing is really something of a...well it's just there and why they all poofed is kinda fuzzy...yeah I shouldn't be trying to explain things when I'm sick >_< Help pleash.
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