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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
Adding on to that, you're not going to get extremely fast battles in the ASB. It takes time, and it's a lot better than what we had before...
It is a lot better. OH MY GOD IS IT. I think it may be because we cut down how many actions are in a Round from three to two... ;P
Originally Posted by eishiba View Post
If you use dig in this game, does the round end with you under ground or will you hit the opponent in the same round? It doesnt state anything for the description in the compendium.
Okay. A ROUND is two actions. When you use Dig, you surface in the same ACTION (two actions in a round). So if Diglett uses Dig and Scratch, the opponent is hit by both by the end of the Round.
Did that help?
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