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Default Re: Your Black/White Team?

Black Team
I am currently training for the second Elite Four and Champ, as well as just generally trying to get these Pokemon to level 100, minus the Zebstrika and Mienshao.

In order of being caught...

River the Gentle Samurott
-Lvl: 82 | Male
----Aqua Tail
----Razor Shell
He's still in progress in regards to his moveset. I plan on getting ride of Surf pretty soon (His Attack stat is higher than his Sp. Attack...)

Miles the Quiet Zebstrika
-Lvl: 53 | Male
----Thunder Wave
----Flame Charge
Yeah... he's just here because I like using Thunder Wave to catch Pokemon. He'll be replaced by a Hydreigon once I bred one of the right gender.

Jillian the Timid Shiny Leavanny
-Lvl: 67 | Female
----Swords Dance
----Bug Bite
----Leaf Blade
This shy chickkills. Like, seriously kills with this set. I need to replace Bug Bite later, but all I need to do is set up with one Swords Dance and then X-Scissor and Leaf Blade and it can kill just about anything that isn't Fire or Flying in one hit. I love her, though my Whimsicott is competeing for her spot on my team. Oh, and she's shiny.

Lola the Brave Gothitelle
-Lvl: 63 | Female
----Faint Attack
----Calm Mind
I love her too. She's pretty darn awesome. Still working on her moveset, though.

Elisa the Naive Chandelure
-Lvl: 67 | Female
----Sunny Day
----Shadow Ball
She's a freaking Chandelure. What more can I say?

Pandora the Naughty Mienshao
-Lvl: 59 | Female
----Stone Edge
----Hi Jump Kick
Not much to say about her. I caught her really recently... She will be replaced by Galvantula or Braivary later...

Other Facts: This is the only team I've ever used (in all my years of Pokemon games) where the girls outnumber the guys, witha 4:2 ratio. Weird.

White Team
Well, I'm about the battle the fourth gym =P Everyone is named after Harry Potter characters in this game =D

In order of being caught...

Severus the Modest Serperior
-Lvl: 37 | Male
----Leaf Tornado
----Leaf Blade
----Leech Seed

Luna the Lonely Woobat
-Lvl: 37 | Female
----Heart Stamp
----Air Cutter
----Air Slash

Albus the Quirky Seismitoad
-Lvl: 37 |Male
----Mud Shot
----Aqua Ring
----Muddy Water

Draco the Impish Scrafty
-Lvl: 40 | Male
----Brick Break
----Hi Jump Kick
----Chip Away

Ron the Lax Minccino
-Lvl: 34 | Male
----Tail Slap
----Echoed Voice

Hermione the Sassy Duosion
-Lvl: 38 | Female
----Hidden Power Bug

I'll update these accordingly!

Paired with my love, the incredibly awesome and amazingly fantastic Shock <3
Black and White Teams

Black FC: Alexa, 5243 2120 8993

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