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Default Re: Brink of Instanity - You May Now Post

Originally Posted by cub0nes_sp0tlessmind View Post
That guy thinks he knows everything....I'ma kill him in his sleep. Okay no I won't...I'll just brick him up in his room.

Anyways, how's everyone coming along in B/W? I'm currently training to beat the third gym. Slowpoke, I least compared to Ninja Kirby over there.
I was his apprentice, so I guess he tries to look after me. Anyways, you think that's slow? I got White the same day as Ninja and I'm still at the 5th Gym. I've been busy with my sandstorm team and what not, but hopefully I'll finish sometime soon. What starter did you pick?

Originally Posted by Latisiblings View Post
I just beat the fourth gym. Is it creepy that

N goes on the ferris wheel with the player character? Especially if you picked a girl...

I thought it was a pretty cool but still kinda creepy effect, I could have sworn I've seen someone else do something like what N did before. Although it does seem a bit strange with the female trainer...

By the way, have you seen Cutter Kirby around?

Originally Posted by Alpha Pack leader View Post
User Name: alpha pack leader
Friend Code: Diamond: 3009-6757-6498
In Game Name: Alex
Reason for Joining?: I need a clan, and your second in command said you were recruiting.
What Other skills do you have: I'm here to learn really.
Experience With Pokemon:
Recently as of New Years I've known how to EV train,
breed for moves and natures, and other stuff.

retghin lla kaerb gnirps
I'll add you in tomorrow. Welcome to the clan.

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