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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
Gothitelle was the first Pokemon I saw on Serebii and thought 'I really want one of those!' Mainly because NOBODY liked her and she's actually pretty cute ^.^ Her stats are kinda neutral on all levels, though, but I like her, regardless. :) Considering that I wouldn't be able to use her for the first two E4 battles because she's a Psychic-type is concerning, though... D:
You can use her for Marshall, though. That's what I did and she kicked butt. I think she's really pretty too!

But not as pretty as Whimsicott. Seriously, the first time I saw one, I sequealed. It's just... it's like a combination between Jumpluff and Mareep. And it's freaking fluffy. I love it.
Battle-wise, I must say that I am very surprised with Leavanny. I found a shiny one early in the game, so I had to use her throughout the rest of the game and wow, she can really pack a punch. One Swords Dance and she can easily wipe out any Pokemon as long as they aren't Fire or Flying. Plus she's good with the Pokemon Musical.

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