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Default Re: Brink of Instanity - You May Now Post

Welcome, Alpha! Hopefully you'll be an active member of this clan!

@Yam: First off, I haven't seen CK. We were close friends IRL, but since I moved to literally halfway around the world, we haven't been in touch. Our clan was our main way of communication, so...

And you're building a sandstorm team? That's cool! I'm currently about 400th on the PO ladder with it. Below is what I used as something as a guideline for my team, hopefully it helps you too.


I think the game is slightly harder than the games before it. Like, I found the games before to be rather easy, but the gyms now actually require you to train! What blasphemy! Though I like it that way.

And people ragequit on my Excadrill.
Sad death of my old clan, T.E.C. 4/26/2010

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