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Question Regular or Shiny Lopunny

Anyone here willing to trade a regular or shiny lopunny for any of my pokemon in pokemon black? (Note, some pokemon I might not be able to trade) I have:
Lv.27 Victini a.k.a. KICK-ASS
Lv.39 Male Blaziken (Japanese name)
Lv.22 Male Dwebble
Lv.26 Female Zorua
Lv.31 Shiny Male Pichu
Lv.100 Shiny Zekrom
Lv.8 Female Blitzle
Lv.18 Male Sawk a.k.a. FERGUS
Lv.18 Female Herdier a.k.a. MACKENZIE
Lv.14 Female Woobat a.k.a. WOOYOO
Lv.15 Female Audino a.k.a. EFFIE
Lv.15 Female Patrat a.k.a. HEATHER
Lv.24 Female Tranquill a.k.a. ANNABEL
Lv.1 Shiny Victini
Lv.20 Male Maractus a.k.a. ROSE (I know Rose is a female name!)
Lv.15 Male Sandile
Lv.33 Male Zoroark with PKRS
Lv.21 Male Liepard a.k.a. BLAKE
Lv.19 Female Trubbish
Lv.21 Male Gothita

My friend code is 1850 1219 1014 plz answer me. I know a lot of my pkmn suck, but thats cuz I'm only at the 4th gym and the other pokemon I either got by trade or event.