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Default Re: ~ Philippa's Shop of Shiny (& Other) ~

Hey Im just letting you know that Im online and Ill edit this post in a minute with the pokemon I want. I dont have to have all these but I want as many of them as possible:

UT Jolly Aron
UT Impish Miltank (with Scrappy ability)
UT Jolly Pidgey
UT Modest Togepi
UT Jolly Buneary (with Switcheroo/Ice, Thunder, Fire Punch)
UT Modest Yanma (IVs: 30/3/16/29/29/31)
UT Hasty Vulpix (with Energy Ball) Rare Candied to Lvl 10
UT Adamant Anorith
UT Bold Slowpoke
UT Calm Slowpoke
UT Bold Koffing
UT Brave Rhydon
UT Quirky Smoochum
UT Naive Teddiursa
UT Hardy Munchlax
UT Calm Spiritomb
UT Impish Gligar
UT Timid Abra with Synchronize ability (IVs: 31/5/11/31/18/31)
UT Bold Squirtle
UT Adamant Riolu (IVs: 31/31/21/9/18/31)
UT Roselia Docile/Naive
UT Happiny Brave/Gentle
UT Lonely Porygon
UT Lickitung Calm/Lonely/Hardy/Quirky/Rash
UT Quirky Shinx
UT Lonely Doduo
UT Hardy Glameow
UT Docile Buneary
UT Serious Shuckle
UT Relaxed Pineco
UT Quiet Rhydon
Flawless Growlithe
Flawless Elekid (with Cross Chop & Ice Punch)
Shiny Faraway Island Mew - UT/Bold (OT in Japanese)
Shiny Hall of Origin Arceus - UT/Timid - Flawless (OT Mat) - SEMI LEGIT: AZURE FLUTE HACKED
Shiny Birth Island Deoxys - UT/Adamant (OT Eppie)
Shiny Ranger Manaphy - UT/Timid - Flawless (OT Mat)
UT Modest Latios
UT Quirky Ho-Oh
UT Calm Regice - Flawless (OT Lil'J)
UT Modest Moltres - Near Flawless (OT Mat)
UT Timid Palkia - Flawless (OT Mat)
UT Timid Lugia - Flawless (OT Kurt)
UT Timid Zapdos - Near Flawless (OT Mat)
UT Timid Articuno - Flawless (OT Mat)

You can check my trade thread in my signature and see if you want anything I have to offer.
My FC: 0731 5119 6172
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