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Default Re: ~ Philippa's Shop of Shiny (& Other) ~

Originally Posted by Philippa1986 View Post
Kero: Either really; It's most likely I will have to trade you whatever you're interested in from one of my 4th Gen games though. I want the eggmoved Pokemon for my RNG breeding projects; Currently I can RNG in Gen 4 but I plan to learn Gen 5 so for me to have the eggmoved Pokemon in either Gen would be useful.

MasterPro: Ok, thanks :)
Alright, I'll see what I can do. So far I can offer you these:

- Ice Punch Sneasal

- Dragon Dance/Ice Punch Totodile

- Dragon Dance Larvitar

- Wish Eevee

- Earth Power Archen

- Magnet Rise Ferroseed

My claims: Bayleef, Mawile

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