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Default Re: ~ Philippa's Shop of Shiny (& Other) ~

Originally Posted by Philippa1986 View Post
MasterPro: Can you file trade?

Of yours I'm particularly interested in:

*Flawless* Aerodactyl Lv. 1 Jolly UT
*Flawless* Cyndaquil Lv. 1 Timid UT
*Flawless* Hippopotas Lv. 1 Adamant UT
*Flawless* Skarmory Lv. 1 Impish UT
*Flawless* Scizor Lv. 1 Adamant UT
*Flawless* Larvitar Lv. 1 Jolly UT - If male with Pursuit egg move.
*Flawless* Scizor Lv. 1 Adamant UT
No, sorry, I cant file trade. Larvitar is male but doesnt have pursuit. He has leer, Dragon dance, outrage, and sandstorm. Im interested in these 7 of yours (or 6 if you dont want Larvitar)

Shiny Faraway Island Mew - UT/Bold (OT in Japanese)
Shiny Hall of Origin Arceus - UT/Timid - Flawless (OT Mat) - SEMI LEGIT: AZURE FLUTE HACKED
Shiny Ranger Manaphy - UT/Timid - Flawless (OT Mat)
UT Timid Palkia - Flawless (OT Mat)
UT Timid Lugia - Flawless (OT Kurt)
Flawless Growlithe
Flawless Elekid (with Cross Chop & Ice Punch)

If the trade is too much in my favor I can throw in some regular shinies to balance it out. Tell me what you think.
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