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Default Re: NAfrica in deep turmoil.

Yesterday, the UN passed a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire from Colonel Gaddafi. If it is not met then Libya will face military action. Though the Libyan government have told the UN that they have given the rebels a ceasefire however the rebels have reported that they are still being attacked by aircraft.

The resolution includes a no-fly zone over Libya, which has been expanded to involve tanks and heavy artillery, an increase of the sanctions already put up against Gaddafi and endorses the use of force short of invasion.

Of the fifteen members present at the vote, ten voted in favour, none voted against and five abstained from voting. Among the abstainers were Russia and China, who oppose the use of force against sovereign states in general.

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has said that Gaddafi will be judged "by his actions and not his words." The French foreign minister has said that French planes are ready to launch military strikes if there is no cease fire that covers all of Libya. The President of the United States, Barack Obama has said that an attack on Libya would not include US ground troops and would not go further than was needed to protect the people of Libya. Britain, France and some Arab allies are expected to lead the initial air-strikes.

The rebel commander in Benghazi has claimed that Gaddaffi is bluffing when he says that he will order a ceasefire. He says that "all the world knows that Muammar Gaddafi is a liar. He and his sons, and his family, and all those with him are liars."

On the other hand, many in Libya's capital, Tripoli, see the UN's intervention as an attempt by foreign powers to plunder the countries oil.

Source: BBC News
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