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well i hope this story has enough text, i dont have microsoft word to check. also why i have a phew grammer and spelling errors. i hope i manege to catch it this time. still not shure if its good enough but i added a bit of detail, made it longer, fixed some grammer, hopefully thats enough to get me a magikarp.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

my fishing trip

hi, my name is Joe. Last weekend i decided to go fishing. I grabbed my cheap fishing pole, packed a lunch, and headed off to a nearby lake. It really was a beautiful day. After about 20 minutes i reached the lake. I walked up onto the dock and cast out my fishing pole. Nothing happened for a long time, but finally, after about an hour, I got a bite.

I started reeling in my pole but the Pokemon fought strongly. Then, as i continued reeling it in, it jumped out of the water. Out of the water came the biggest Magikarp i had ever seen! It flew through the air waving its tail around splashing water everywere. but on its way back into the water, the line broke, and i lost it. I then set a new hook and bait on my pole and sadly continued fishing.

As i was fishing, i kept thinking i was seeing a large fin stick out of the water. It was the Magikarp taunting me i kept thinking. Just then i got another bite. this time a Remoraid jumped out of the water, but this time the string held. I continued reeling in until the fins i saw earlier went to the line. Just then i got a better look at who's fins they were. A Gyarados poked its head out of the water, ripping my line. I then changed my line, and sadly continued fishing.

A little while later i decided to eat lunch. I picked up my lunchbox that i had placed beside me and headed off to a nearby table. as i began to eat, i noticed another person fishing. He was wearing jeans, a white short sleeved shirt, and using a fancy looking fishing pole. then he started reeling in his pole. Out of the water he dragged a Goldeen! He then tossed a Pokeball at it. Clicked once. Clicked twice. Click. He cought it. I then continued eating. I soon finished eating, grabbed my fishing pole and continued fishing.

About 40 minutes later i heard splashing coming from nearby. I looked to my right to see the man i saw before, reeling in. But just then, a gyrados broke through the surface of the water, thrashing its head around, seeming to have ripped the line. the man then through a pokeball. out came a Spearow. It started rapidly pecking the Gyrados. With an angry roar, the Gyrados must have realised The spearow was to quick for it, and decided to retreat. i tried to say something, but the man walked away.

As night began to fall, and everyone began to go home, i was left there without one catch. i was not going home without a new pokemon. I continued casting until i noticed a strange looking pokemon floating out in the middle of the lake. it had the apearance as if it was wearing a hat and coat of some sort. Just then i got another bite. I reeled in in. at the end of my line was the huge Magikarp that i had failed to catch! i gave it a pokeball and... and... wait... that's not how it happened... I dident catch the magikarp... i hallucinated it. the pokemon in the lake must have been a Mismagius. They are known to cause hallucinations.

I angrily continued fishing. it must have been almost midnight. i was almost ready to give up and go home. i decided i would cast out 10 more times. If i dident catch something, i would quit. 1. I looked up and noticed it was a really nice night. Just then a flicker of light shot across the sky. a shooting star! 2. I made a wish that i would catch a Pokemon . 3. I began to wonder if i was just wasting my time here today... 4. I continued on like that until finally i was at cast number 9. I reeled in and cast out one last time.

if i catch it
a bite! I start reeling in. I had a good feeling about this one. it jumped out of the water to reveal itself as a Magikarp. It fought hard, but the string held. I reeled it in, and cought it! I gave it a Pokeball and happily went home, exausted

if i dont catch it
a bite! I start reeling in. I had a good feeling about this one. It fought very hard. But then i realised why. It wasent a fish. I had hooked a tree! I cut the line, and furiously ran home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

well, theres my story. if i get the magikarp, then thanks. if i dont, then still thanks for taking the time to regrade the story.

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