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Default Peach's little trading hut

What I'm seeking:
  • MULTIPLE Axew eggs with night slash/iron tail egg move & preferably mold breaker ability.
  • MULTIPLE Zorua eggs with extrasensory egg move
(Because I want to hatch one of my preferred nature. Once I get the nature I want, we can stop trading over your eggs)
  • EV trainers for my pokemon
  • Items to sell for $$

[B ]
In return, I will be trading you event pokemons/shiny pokemons/4th Gen items from my SOULSILVER to YOUR SOULSILVER/HEARTGOLD/DIAMOND/PEARL VERSION,
as I have NOT yet beaten the game to transfer pokemon to my black to trade.
so if you can't receive pokemon from HG/SS/D/P, I'm sorry but we cannot trade, UNLESS you want pokemon like Munna, and other wild pokemon(I can try to catch one of your specified nature, however I can only catch those pokemon at the beginning of the game.

My offers

Since I'm the one doing the hatching of those eggs, I will offer an event pokemons for the multiple axew eggs and zorua egg. However they MUST have those egg moves that I listed

Offers for those multiple eggs plus egg moves are any one of these:

Japanese named charmander, Mild natured
Ability: blaze
item: Lucky egg
Level 40
Moves: return, quick attack hidden power, howl

Japanese named Jirachu, Quirky natured
Ability: Serene grace
Item: Ganlon Berry
Moves: Wish, confusion, rest

Darkrai, rash natured
Ability: bad dreams
Level 50
Moves: Dark void, dark pulse, shadow ball, double team

Level 30 shiny pichu(I think this is the one that gives you the spiky ear pichu event)
Moves: Charge, volt tackle,endeavour, Endure

Offers for EV training:

6 rare berries from 4th gen. they can be of different types of berries.

I'm offering from my 4th gen to your 4th gen game,
but I want a 5th gen offer in return.
you must own both a 4th gen game and a 5th gen game.

Soulsilver : 0131 8135 9616
White: 4212 3628 2676