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Default Re: Brink of Instanity - You May Now Post

Originally Posted by Novex View Post
Have they added the new pokmon to shoddy yet ive been trying to figure out pokemon online but it hasnt been going well though i kept it on my comp for the pokedex
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I thought they just abandoned Shoddy, but I wouldn't know. I don't do much online battling on the computer. Did you check the Smogon site?

Originally Posted by Yamirami View Post
I'll probably swap out some pokemon, and try out Sandslash. (65 Base Speed, doubled in sandstorm with Sand Rush means 130 Speed)
By the way, I looked up and found that Sandslash can also learn Flail through breeding. So if it's possible, I'll get a Flail + Sand Rush + Focus Sash Sandslash. Can Excadrill do that or does it do something esle to be a pest?

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