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Default Re: Starting with all 3 starters?

Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
What would really be cool is if the third version for Black and White did what they did in Pokémon Yellow, as Black and White can obviously seen as a new beginning parallel to Red and Blue/Green. For example, make a girl/boy character be the sibling, and Cheren, Bianca and the sibling choose the starters, and you get some other Pokémon, for instance, Zorua or Emolga. That would be interesting. o:

^ By the way, this is an idea for a fanfiction I'm doing, so no one steal it. Unless you're the Pokémon company, because you've already stolen my ideas. =/

~Professor Geoffrey
Lol, that would be pretty awesome. And then you got all 3 starters from different people and then could add the building from the anime into the game somewhere. Like the Battle Building where Ash got Pokab...erm I mean Tepig from. And then getting Snivy after seeing someone abandon it like Charmander. I don't know about Oshawott though. It just kinda followed Ash. xD Wonder how you would play that out. It'd be interesting to see who the new Pikachu would be if that were the case though.
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