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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Here is the last gym of the second series of gyms.

Gym name:Sandi Gym
Cool Trainer Nathan
Opening quote:"Welcome to the toughest gym in the entire region."

Moves: Sandstorm Screech Dark pulse Crunch

Moves: Earth power Rock slide Take down Lava plume

Defeating quote:"You beat me?"
Prize money:$2,340
Afterwards quote:"I envy your power. Trust me, I will be just like you."

Ace Trainer Eliza
Opening quote:"Hello. I like you. Lets battle."

Moves: Slash Mud bomb Night slash Sand tomb

Moves: Crush claw Sand-attack Slash Rollout

Moves: Surf Mud shot Mud bomb Amnesia

Defeating quote:"Congratulations, you won."
Prize money:$2,170
Afterwards quote:"No matter what, I still like you."

Ace Trainer Greg
Opening quote:"Win or lose, I am happy whatever one happens."

Moves: Hyper beam Sandstorm Earthquake Selfdestruct

Defeating quote:"I lost. I still have a smile in my face."
Prize money:$2,400
Afterwards quote:"Stay positive. That's a succession towards pokemon battles."

Cool Trainer Ruby
Opening quote:"Strike with power in this battle."

Moves: Psychic Razor leaf Flail Attract

Moves: Sandstorm Screech Faint attack Dragonbreath

Defeating quote:"Power, such power."
Prize money:$2,155
Afterwards quote:"I love power. I love power."

Cool Trainer Adam
Opening quote:"Come on!"

Moves: Sandstorm Double team Dragon claw Dig

Defeating quote:"Oh man, you won."
Prize money:$2,240
Afterwards quote:"I admire you."

Ace Trainer Naomi
Opening quote:"Ground type pokemon. Lovely!"

Moves: X-scissor Thunder fang Gullitone Poison jab

Defeating quote:"You defeated my Gliscor. Few have."
Prize money:$2,790
Afterwards quote:"Ground type pokemon. The best."

Ace Trainer Edward
Opening quote:"I'm the last one. Let's battle."

Moves: Earthquake Ice fang Take down Fury attack

Moves: Earthquake Double-edge Brick break Explosion

Defeating quote:"I guess I was a bit absurd during the battle. I apolagize."
Prize money$3,000
Afterwards quote:"Did you know the first letter of every trainer you fought in this gym including me adds up to the name of our gym leader Negrane?"

Gym Leader Negrane
Opening quote:"Howdy trainer, da names Negrane. And I'm da pride an joy of the Sanddiiii Gym! I specialize Ground type pokemon. Theyre my dearest. We all share a bond like ya nevaa seen. Allow me to show ya!"

Moves: Bulldoze Thunder fang Rollout Scary face

Moves: Muddy water Ice beam Take down Bulldoze

Moves: Stealth rock Bulldoze Earthquake Iron tail

Moves: Leech seed Bulldoze Crunch Wood hammer

Moves: Dragon tail Earthquake Stone edge Screech

Moves: Earthquake Stone edge Hammer arm Poison jab

Defeating quote:"Ya fantastic. Ya awesome. Ya powerful. Ya everything. I envy ya. You rollen in style. You deserve ta Quake Badge."
Prize money$9,800
Afterwards quote:"Ya've learned tremendas intelligence eva since ya started ya jurney. Here ya go. The Quake Badge. With that beauty thing, you can use HM07 Waterfall. Plus, since you have all 8 badges, your pokemon will obey ya without question. I want you to have this as well. It is TM78 Bulldoze. I've been using that tm for a long time with my pokemon. If succeeded, the target will reduce speed. Use it wisely. Good luck with ta pokemon league. But remember, there's the Victory Road before that. Become the strongest."