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Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Are they? Is there any reason to publicize what American diplomats are saying about the government of other countries? Is what the US government is saying hurting the American people in any way? No. Is publicizing this helping anyone in any way? No. Is it hurting US foreign relationships? Yes. What Wikileaks has done is nothing except mindless, irrelevant gossip designed to hurt people's reputations and hurt the US's diplomatic system. There is absolutely no way in that helps democracy. As far as I'm concerned, it's just another internet gossip site aimed at governments instead of celebrities.
It's not only what the are saying, the cables have in depth information on things, such as Shell execs infiltrating Nigerian government cabinents, or that the US gave Russia the UK's nuclear arsenal secrets as a barganing piece in signing a treaty... Sh*t that's seriously f*cked up in the world, open your eyes and stop being so ignorant.
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