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Default Kana's Trading Den

Pokemon I need/want:

Any Zekrom
Any Terrakion
Shiny Charizard
Female IV'd Ninetails *shiny is appreciated and named Kana*
Shiny Rayquaza
Female Braviary
More to come....

What I have to offer:
Pidove lvl 19 Female with Hasty Nature
Woobat lvl 30 Female with Adamant Nature
Zoroark lvl 43 Female with Lax Nature
Meinshao lvl 52 Female with Quirky Nature
Shaymin lvl 36 with Bashful Nature
Tru Arceus lvl 100 with Hardy Nature
Jirachi lvl 100 with Naughty Nature
Dialga lvl 63 with Adamant Nature
Heatran lvl 70 Male Gentle Nature
Gratina lvl 8 Bold Nature
Haxorus lvl 51 Female Adamant Nature
Darkrai lvl 51 Modest Nature
Druddigon lvl 31 Female Gentle Nature
Glalie lvl 100 Male with Hasty Nature
Regigigas lvl 70 with Lonely Nature
Volcarona Lvl 64 Female with Modest nature
Cresselia lvl 50 Female Gentle Nature
Kyogre lvl 100 Lax Nature
Weavile lvl 57 Female Bashful Nature
Umbreon lvl 47 Female Jolly Nature
Rayquaza lvl 100 Bashful Nature
Deoxys lvl 100 Attack Form Serious Nature
Metagross Lvl 100 Rash Nature
Samurott lvl 55 Male Calm Nature
Giratina lvl 83 Modest Nature
Mewtwo lvl 70 Hardy Nature
Blaziken (Jack) lvl 100 Male Hardy Nature
Snorlax lvl 50 Male Jolly Nature (knows Giga Impact)
Sableye lvl 36 Male Bold Nature
Palkia lvl 65 Mild Nature
Glaceon (Canpy) lvl 54 Female Lonely Nature
Scizor lvl 24 Male Brave Nature
Infernape lvl 63 Male Quirky Nature
Omastar lvl 53 Female Lax Nature
Leafeon lvl 51 Female Bashful Nature
Empoleon lvl 58 Male Jolly Nature
Vileplume lvl 100 Female Bashful nature
Magmortar lvl 67 Male Brave Nature
Typhlosion lvl 61 Male Calm Nature
Linoone lvl 46 Male Rash Nature
Banette Lvl 53 Male Bold Nature
Dewgong lvl 55 Male Rash Nature
Shiny Gyarados lvl 61 Male Gentle nature
Dugtrio lvl 53 Female Lonely Nature
Nidoking lvl 38 Male Calm Nature
Manaphy lvl 100 Lonely Nature
Dragonite lvl 65 Male Rash Nature
Alakzam (Sami) lvl 51 Female Lax nature
Haunter lvl 66 Male Adamant Nature
Wiscash (Syn) lvl 52 Female Impish Nature
Steelix lvl 47 Male Lax Nature
Corsola lvl 50 Female Lonely Nature
Absol lvl 64 Male Docile Nature
Tauros lvl 13 Male Adamant Nature
Ninetails lvl 38 Female Naughty Nature

PM for more information