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Default Re: Brink of Instanity - You May Now Post

Originally Posted by cutter kirby View Post
Some people at smogon have actually argued that Sandslash is better than excadrill. More power with adamant life orb, slower but enough speed to get by in sand, and neutrality to mach punch also gives it a niche over exadrill.

But I dont think that you can breed dream world abilities, since all dream world pokemon are male (except for female only pokes), although egg moves+dream world abilities are allowed at pokemon online right now.

About Sabalye, most of them are special walls, with 252/252+ in hp/special defence. It uses will-o-wisp to beat physical attackers, like a sweeping Excadrill and Landlos (forgot its english name), and also has recover, taunt, etc. to be annoying. I actually don't like fighting it, because it has no weaknesses. It is a very underated threat with prankster.
they can be passed down by a male but if it different pokemon you need the female pokemon u want
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