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Default Re: The Pokemon Society: Interforums Tournament 2011 - Round 1


Wins: S T [CAL], Emaderton [Team Uber], lu1z [PE2K], Ducky [Team Uber]
Losses: HitmonKerny [PO], mibuchiha [PO], MikeDecIsHere [Team Uber], Delta 7777 [CAL], Lux Aenterna [Team Uber] Delta7777 [CAL], sb the goat [Serebii], Blue Jello [PE2K], Blue Harvest [Serebii], bartozio [Team Uber], PoignantLyrics [Serebii], Void [PE2K], nkg [Serebii], SmartGamer [Serebii], Ciele [CAL]
Draws: n/a

This just keeps getting worse and worse for me...I started out 4 and 1. It's getting rediculous. >_<

I also occasionally do wifi battles.

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