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ok this is what i am thinking of for a shop it might be too similar to other stuff, but here goes...everything is flexible, but if its not workable thats ok too


Hello Trainer! This machine is our fancy new DEX-O-MATIC! It's Fabulous! It's Wonderful! It's the next BIG THING! It's the greatest invention since the Toster! What does it do you ask? Well it identifies and gives information about pokemon of course! well yes that does sound a bit like your pokedex, but this has some super special secret functions! If only we could figure them out....

Unfortunatly our DEX-O-MATIC has been on the fritz lately. Everytime we see a pokemon we try to add it to our database but all the DEX-O-MATIC gives us is a shadowy picture and three bits of information about the pokemon that we saw. As you can imagine that isnt very helpful for identifying the pokemon. We have had researcher's from all over the world in to look at it, and try to fix the machine, but no one has been able fix the problem. We managed to tighten the fallange, and twist the copperspangle just enough that we can now input the pokemon manually in the machine, but to do that we need to know which pokemon it is.

This is where you come in, we need you to tell us based on the clues which pokemon we saw so we can get this darn machine up and running again. It's rather simple actually you put your money in the money slot on the DEX-O-MATIC it takes about a week for the machine to process the money it recieves from all the diferent trainers(sunday to sunday). After one week has passed and any trainers that choose to help us with our mission have inserterted their money the machine will pop out the first clue(monday). On wensday the second clue will pop out, and the third clue is given out on friday, the first trainer to name the pokemon gets the prize. Sunday of that week is when the winner will be announced.

Here are the prices:
1 guess = $5
2 guesses = $7

We will be so gratefull if you can name the pokemon that we will give you one of these wonderful prizes(one of these will be chosen by me for each bi-weekly contest and posted here):
baby pokemon
one baby pokemon evolution

If the winner has the pokemon they named in their team(maybe provide a link to their ASB stats thread?) they get a free entry into the grand draw that month(see below)

We also have a grand draw once a month! Once a month our DEX-O-MATIC geos in for maitnance.The only way to keep it in the semi functioning state its in is if we do a monthly reboot of information. Trainers insert $10 dollars, and press the restart button on the machine. Onthe last day of each month which is the maitnance day, the machine prints out the name of the trainer that successfully rebooted the system that month.

The Grande prize will be one of these a month(one of these will be chosen by me monthly and posted here ):
Second Stage evolution
Basic/First Stage poke
Rarely Second Stage poke

(if you have suggestions for more prizes or if these are too good let me know)
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Name: Allie
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come check out my trading shop....

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