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Default Re: Victini; Modeled after Celebi?

Originally Posted by CHAMPION Destric View Post
First of all, that V on their belly. Both have it in the same exact spot, in a similar curve.
Also, while Victini has very large ears, Celebi has the top of a non-bloomed plant looking thing on its head. Each head piece is a prominent detail in the character. On top of that, both of them have blue eyes and three fingers.

Yeah I agree with you... they look so similar the programmers obviously made these Pokemon related

Originally Posted by CHAMPION Destric View Post
Now all they need is a water-psychic.

Eh, no. Forgot about the Slowpoke family? I rather say they need a Normal/Psychic. So cool because it now takes normal damage from Fighting attacks, AND now that I think about it is immune to Ghost moves as well! And some nice STAB moves along the way probably... Also I think Normal/Psychic pretty much comes down to a human pokemon :P
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