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Default Re: Trading Depot [For All Your Small Trading Needs!]

In Game Name: Mark
Friend Code: 0175 0670 6651 (Pokemon White)
How you want to be contacted: PM
Pokemon/Item Want: Skarmory
Pokemon/Item offered: Anything really, Zekrom, Samurott, I have abras with synchronize for all natures except from adamant and bold. Most Heart Gold or White exclusives, will also trade my heart gold items. Contact me for more.

I did want to breed this in white, but i realized that in order to get roost i need it to my heart gold game. For a gen 5 trade I need an impish skarmory with at least reletivley superior iv's, and roost, whirlwind, and brave bird. Although for a more realistic gen 4 trade i am not concerned about iv's, nature or moves as i'll just breed it anyway if it is a gen 4 trade.