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Default [IA] Rapture Rising

Rapture Rising

Oh rise, Rapture, rise!
We turn our hopes up to the skies!
Oh rise, Rapture, rise!
Upon your wings our dreams will fly.
A city in the ocean's deep
A promise that we'll always keep
To boldly turn our eyes upon the prize!
So rise, rise, rise!
Oh rise, Rapture, rise!
We merrily sing this reprise.
Oh rise, Rapture, rise!
To help us crush parasites despised.
A city on Poseidon's floor
A set of ideals we adore
A philosophy we all can emphasize
So rise, rise, rise!

So, yeah. A Bioshock Interactive Adventure.
Let's all pretend that some canon is not in fact canon.
As in I'll probably screw with existing story stuff.
Oh and we have spoilers. You mayn't want to play if you haven't killed Ryan yet.
Good. Bioshock does not belong to me, nor do Atlas/Fontaine, Jack, ol' Andy, etc, but if you steal SPD Atlas or Morty or Elegy I swear I'll kill you. Especially do not steal Elegy.
Just so y'all is aware, I take more than one option. However, I will not have more than two yarns running.
Once I get a reply I will write up a post and wait anywhere up to an hour for a new option. If none is given I shall simply post.

Let's get started.

Welcome to Rapture Rising! You now have a charity pamphlet, 25 pounds, and a Hershey's bar in your inventory! Your Rest Level is Energized! Your Stomach Level is Full! Your Thirst Level is The Quenchiest! Your Injury Level is Newborn! Your Party consists of you and: Michael Norton! This is currently Round Zero of your Rapture-related adventure!
You're ready.
You're nervous but you're darn ready.
You look off the side of the boat, wondering what this zone will look like. Will there be fog? Thunderclouds? Sea serpents? You're not there yet, so you can only guess.
"How much farther, Norton?" you ask the driver as he sits beside you, looking very nervous.
"Not too much," he says. You can't blame him for his apprehension. Any sane person has the right to be scared of what we're going into.
The place you're headed has been darkly nicknamed the Twilight Zone: a relatively small stretch of sea located between Greenland and Iceland. It's a place where many ships - and even, once, a plane - have vanished tracelessly. It seems to you like a very fine place to go, since you've always been one for adventure and mystery. Poor Norton you had to drag along, and the poor man is scared out of its wits.
As you cruise the glassy-smooth see, something becomes visible in the distance: a smudge of black on the horizon that... slowly... begins to resolve itself into a tall, boxy tower in the distance.
Well, at least it's not a sea monster...

I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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