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Default Re: [IA] Rapture Rising

> Scan the Horizon. Make sure there aren't any traps or other problems in the area.
> Ready a weapon of some sort. Even your fists if you must. Enemies are EVERYWHERE!!!

This is Rapture Rising! You are currently playing as Aaron Hanson! You currently have a charity pamphlet, 25 pounds, and a Hershey's bar in your Inventory! Your Rest Level is Energized! Your Stomach Level is Full! Your Thirst Level is The Quenchiest! Your Injury Level is Newborn! Your Party consists of you and: Michael Norton! This is currently Round One of your Rapture-related adventure!
"Stop, please, Norton," you say, holding up your hand. A pang of apprehension has suddenly sprung into your gut and you sure as h*** don't want to ignore it in the Twilight Zone.

Norton seems happy to oblige; he pulls the boat to a slow, coasting drift. You grunt your thanks to him and look forward, trying to see what you can see. A long pause follows; the only noticeable change is that your boat has drifted a few centimeters toward the big building.

Speaking of it... what is it, anyway?

"What do you make of it, Norton?" you ask quietly.

Evidently your companion's thoughts are on the same topic yours are. "I don't know, Hans. Looks almost like... a lighthouse."

"A lighthouse?" you splutter. "Who would be daft enough to build a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean?" but you can tell he's right. It's the right shape, and there's a point at the top where it seems to disappear into white: illumination as seen from a distance.

"Should I get going, then?" asked Norton after a tense pause. You nod and he kicks the boat into gear again. But as he goes you are struck by another chill. You pluck a suitably whiplike fishing rod from a holder on the side of the boat, just in case anything wild happens. This place gives off bloody awful vibes.

Thanks you all for participating~! Didn't think I'd get two posts, especially so quickly~~~!
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Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D
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