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Default Submission Discussion & Questions

Submission Discussion & Questions

Welcome to the Creative Dex! This project aims to produce artwork and fiction of every species of Pokemon! It's no small task, but I'm sure as a community it is achievable.

Got a question about the Creative Dex? Just post it up here! Feel free to discuss the board's progress and contents, too.


Question: How do I know if my piece is good enough?
Answer: Please consult the Quality Control Guidelines Discussion thread.

Question: I can't find the thread for my featured Pokemon! What do I do?
Answer: Go to this thread and press CTRL and F on your keyboard. Then type in the name of your Pokemon. Click on its name and it'll direct you to the thread.

Question: Hey! I've got a friend's work here, can I submit it?
Answer: Sorry, you may only submit your own work.

Question: My work was rejected! Can I resubmit it?
Answer: Please post in this thread to find out why. The Quality Control experts will give you advice on how to improve your piece. Once your piece has been improved, you may not submit it until one week has elapsed.

Question: My work was rejected twice! What do I do now?
Answer: Continue to improve it by getting further advice from the Quality Control experts. You may not post the piece unless given permission by the Quality Control experts.

Question: Who are the Quality Control experts?
Answer: See the list below.

Creative Dex Staff & Experts

Creative Dex Staff
Pokémon Trainer Sarah
Kumori Gem

Fanfiction Experts:
Kumori Gem

Sprite Art Experts:
Gelatini Jejunator

Drawn/Other Art Experts:
Kumori Gem

Graphic Art Experts:
Kumori Gem

Question: I've got multiple pieces of work for the same Pokemon. Can I post them all?
Answer: Yes, post pieces of the same Pokemon in the specified thread. Be sure to specify the type of appearance.

Question: I've got a question pertaining to my piece. Do I post in the respective Pokemon thread?
Answer: No, do not post in the Pokemon submission threads. Instead, post here, the thread for all questions and submissions.

Have a question that isn't on the FAQ? Feel free to ask it here and it'll be added to the FAQ!
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