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Default Re: [IA] Rapture Rising

> Might as well go in prepared. Check the boat for any useful items that you can take with you.

This is Rapture Rising! You are currently playing as Aaron Hanson! You currently have a charity pamphlet, 25 pounds, and a Hershey's bar in your Inventory! Your Rest Level is Energized! Your Stomach Level is Full! Your Thirst Level is The Quenchiest! Your Injury Level is Newborn! Your Party consists of you and: Michael Norton! This is currently Round Two of your Rapture-related adventure!
As the boat begins to move again, you look around. The fishing rod may not be the most useful thing in the universe, and you set it aside in order to look for other things.

You scan the little shelves on the side of the boat. You find a rolled up newspaper, a flyswatter, a life vest, and a couple of bags of potato chips. There's also a tackle box, loaded with hooks and lures. The only other object of interest is the fishing rod.

Better choose what you want quickly. The lighthouse is getting closer, and you don't like the look of it.
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