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Default Re: Brink of Instanity - You May Now Post

Originally Posted by Yamirami View Post
EDIT: I tried it out in Pokemon Battle Revolution with my Sceptile and Ninja's Ho-Oh. Sceptile did NOT use his berry when hit by a super-effective fire type move as a substitute.
Thanks so much for checking for me, now I just gotta recalc damage to make sure I didnt messup. Then gogo epic surprize magnezone :P

Originally Posted by kazekage09 View Post
lol thanks for the welcome and alright anybody got any good team ideas for samurot
Honestly I'm not sure what you could do with him that someone doesnt already do better, but I feel that his access to Megahorn is worth a mention.
Don't feel like crunching numbers to find out what does what on who for how much, etc.

some nice physical moves

Aqua Jet
Night Slash

and some special

Hydro Pump
Air Slash
Ice Beam
HP Fire/Electric

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