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Default Re: [IA] Rapture Rising

> Put Tacklebox in Inventory
> Take life vest, could come in handy in the future
> Maybe take the chips along? Food may be scarce in said lighthouse.

This is Rapture Rising! You are currently playing as Aaron Hanson! You currently have a charity pamphlet, 25 pounds, and a Hershey's bar in your Inventory! Your Rest Level is Energized! Your Stomach Level is Full! Your Thirst Level is The Quenchiest! Your Injury Level is Newborn! Your Party consists of you and: Michael Norton! This is currently Round Three of your Rapture-related adventure!
You consider your options for a few seconds, then pick up the tackle box and put it in your extremely conveniently-available backpack. It doesn't fit extremely well, but you manage to stuff it in there.

You then look at the life vest. If your boat ends up getting lost or something, you may indeed need it. You think about how best to carry it, then you try to stuff it into your backpack along with the tackle box. When that doesn't work, you simply do what the normal people do and put it on over your normal attire. You then pick up the bag of chips and place it into your own bag.

When you look up, your heart almost stops. The boat is at a steady drift and the lighthouse looms over you like an ominous monolith of some sort - a monument to utter creepiness.

"I'm not sure about this," Norton's voice is shaking. "I am really not sure about this, Aaron."

Your own fear seems to be making you grouchy. "Then don't come," you snap, then you relent as you see the look on Norton's face. "Look, Mike, I'm sorry. But see, whatever's making ships and whatnot disappear isn't here. We are still alive, aren't we?"

Norton shakes his head. "Maybe the ships have been disappearing because the owners went into that lighthouse."

You now have a charity pamphlet, 25 pounds, a Hershey's bar, a bag of potato chips, and a tackle box in your Inventory! You are now equipped with a Life Vest! You now have a Melee Resistance of Slightly Tough! Your Tackle Box contains four large lures, six small lures, eight weights, and three hooks!
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