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Default Re: Rocket Division - Art Section M52

Originally Posted by Doodlebop View Post
Can I hug it? :o

It... looks so happy... :D
;D Hug it all you want! It's one of the few happy fakemon I've made!! Just watch out for his feet. I wouldn't want you getting mushed into a pancake, you hear me?

Anyways, I entered into Neo's fanfiction contest. What is my story you ask? Well, it's called, The Trials of Survival and it's a story set in the prehistoric world of Pokemon! Since there are so few dinosaur... or "fossil" Pokemon, I got permission from Neo to do create fake dinosaur Pokemon. They will serve no large roles in the story other than being background, adding variety, and causing a scare time and again.

Titavorus is actually one of them. Hehe. I am coloring in the rest, but for now, here are the outlines of them:

Stegante (steh-gone-tay): Ground/grass [base off Stegosaurus) - Stegosaurus/Giant
Mirambra (mih-rom-bra): steel/ground [base off Hadrosaurid + mirrors]
Mirroshield (mih-row-shield): steel/ground [based off Hadrosaurid + mirrors] = evolve from Mirambra at Lv.28 - Mirror/Shield
Titavorus (tigh-tah-voh-rus): Water [based off brachiosaurus] - Titan/Wave/Brachiosaurus

Dimetrin (dye-meh-trin): Water [based off Dimetrodon] - Dimetrodon/Fin
Darkrodon (dar-krow-don): Water/dark [based off Dimetrodon] = evolves from Dimetrin at Lv.17 - Dimetrodon/Dark
Spinordon (spy-nor-don): Water/dark [based off Spinosaurus] = evolves from Darkrodon at Lv.35 - Spinosaurus/Dimetrodon
Scorier (score-ee-er): Fire/dragon [based off dragons] - Scorch/Fire
Dragire (drag-eye-er): Fire/dragon [based off dragons] = evolves from Scorier at Lv.18 - Dragon/Fire
Nitrwin (nigh-trih-nn): Fire/dragon [based off dragons] = evolves from Scorier at Lv.37 - Nitro/Twin

Forrex (for-rex): Grass/ground [based off Tyrannosaurus-Rex + plants] - Forest/Tyrannosaurus-Rex
Dilophone (dye-lah-phone): Ghost/poison [based off Dilophosaurus] - Dilophosaurus/Bone

You know... this makes me want to create an entire region of dinosaur Pokemon. xDDD

=^^= Nya
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